2013 Performance Results

In 2013 PetroKazakhstan Inc. produced 5.324 million tons of oil, including 50% shares in our JVs - Kazgermunai and Turgai-Petroleum. This includes 2.943 million tons of cumulative actual production of PKKR, Kolzhan and PKVI, 0.828 million tons as 50% of Turgai-Petroleum production and 1.554 million tons as 50% of Kazgermunai production. In 2013 PKKR, Kolzhan and PKVI drilled 123 new wells, including 63 producing and 60 exploration and appraisal wells, Turgai-Petroleum drilled 33 producing wells and Kazgermunai drilled 19 producing wells. 3D seismic surveys covered 300 sq. km under Contract 1057.

In 2013 4,857 thousand tons of crude oil were processed, which is 103 thousand tons higher than the volume processed in 2012. In 2013 production of high-octane gasolines was 723 thous. tons, the conversion rate was 75% and the light oil product yield was 58%.  The refinery increased its output of liquefied gas, diesel fuel, fuel oil and vacuum gas oil. 

All commitments undertaken in 2013 in the area of social responsibility were implemented in full and as scheduled. In addition to traditional sponsorship projects and support to sponsored organizations, in 2013 PKOP and PKKR companies signed Memorandums of Cooperation with Akimats of South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda Oblasts. 1 million dollars was allocated by PKOP and 3 million dollars by PKKR respectively to implement social projects under the Memorandums signed.

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