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24 December 2015  
Sulfur Production Unit commissioning
The Shymkent refinery commissioned a new production facility – the 4,000 tpa capacity Sulfur Production Unit.
27 November 2015  
KMG-RM and PetroChina develop cooperation in oil refining
cooperation in oil refining
27 August 2015  
The act of State Acceptance Committee
signing of the act of State Acceptance Committee on putting into operation the facility “Reconstruction of diesel fuel HT (hydro-treatment) unit of the section 300” is completed at Shymkent refinery
10 August 2015  
Activity plan on environment protection of PKOP LLP for YY2016-2020
is developped according to Typical action list on environment protection
08 August 2015  
Modernization of energy system of Kumkol field
completion of the re-laying of 6 kV cable lines to new transformer substations PS- "Kumkol-4" and PS- "Kumkol-5."

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